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Marriage problems raise emotional questions, with legal matters often taking less priority in the minds of those involved. Whilst avoiding litigation in such cases may be preferable, it can be the route taken in these cases. As a result, matters such as the grounds for divorce, the assets of those involved and children may become involved. A family dispute is a difficult time for all involved, that is why we will ensure to combine legal advice and sensitivity during the process. To find out more, talk to a member of our team today.
Divorce and finances
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Ensure your children don't suffer

Have you and your partner recently split up? The biggest impact and disruption from a family dispute can be on the children. We can offer advice on contact and residence of children following the break-up of a relationship. We will assist you in making an application to ensure your rights are protected and that contact is not disrupted as a result.
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Cohabitation and civil partnerships

Civil partnerships have recently acquired legal recognition, and give those involved certain rights. Should your partnership be experiencing problems, we provide assistance with this in the same fashion as matrimonial disputes.
We can also offer legal advice on any cohabitation arrangements that are experiencing difficulty. Family case funding is also offered in cases where payments cannot be made in the interim period.
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